I chose the name Firecooked because I like ceramics and cooking, and I especially like to use handcrafted ceramics when I eat and drink.  I have written a blog called Firecooked!  for many years to share my recipes.  And I have finally taken the next step to sell my ceramics so that more people can enjoy handcrafted wares in their homes. 

Much of my current work incorporates colored clay or underglazes to get bright and fun designs. Work is hand built using slabs of clay or thrown on a wheel, some work combines both slab and thrown elements. It is important to me that functional work is really functional: it can go into the dishwasher and microwave.  I like to experiment so my work continues to evolve, but without forgetting the forms and techniques that I enjoy. 

I live in Coronado, California.  I do limited production in a small studio and have also worked in a community studio that is still unavailable due to the pandemic.  I use mostly porcelain and a white stoneware, and fire to cone 10.