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I started working with clay while I was still in college, as something to do during summer break (something fun in addition to working and taking engineering classes). I continued on and off in Tucson, then Auburn (the one in California), and now in Phoenix. I built my first studio in Auburn around 1996 (until that point I had worked in parks and recreation classes, workshops, or open studios) and by 2006 I realized I needed outlets beyond friends and family to get pots out of the house to make room for more. Plus, I have more work that falls between the extremes of “what I couldn’t sell” (stuff that I would not part with) and “what wouldn’t sell” (the ugly, heavy, and/or cracked). Today, my work is primarily stoneware (including porcelain based clays) fired to cone 10 in an electric kiln. I have also had the opportunity to do some Raku as well as wood fire in the past, and maybe sometime again in the future. I enjoy feedbacks and comments – see the Pot Blog for my latest updates, if there is something you like – let me know! Blog Link

Links to my ceramics photo albums:

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